About company

 special therapeutic products (functional nutrition for rehabilitation with oncology, hepatitis therapy, metabolic syndrome);
 dietary supplements;
premium segment foods.

The company "World Grinization Systems" (WGS) since 2003 has been producing natural and innovative products that help our consumers to maintain and strengthen their health.

The result of their use is the formation of a highly effective immune system, normalization of metabolism, prevention of premature aging.

Our customers receive qualitative, safe and effective products that:
  • complies with international food safety standards ISO 22000:2007/HACCP;
  • food products of the premium segment are produced in compliance with DSTU;
  • clinically confirmed effectiveness of special products for therapeutic and preventive use;
  • recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


Our goal is to improve the quality of life of everyone who aspires to this, by introducing multinutrient complexes used in therapeutic and dietic nutrition.


 Understanding of the advanced research and development experience that becomes the part of the innovative solutions of WGS.
Clinical confirmation of the effectiveness of each new solution before it is put into production.
 Technologies that allow using mainly natural extracts of animal and vegetable origin.
 Production processes that preserve useful substances in their natural interrelations and balance.
 Continuous improvement of existing products in accordance with market requirements.


ince 2003 - experimental research activity (laboratory in Bystrica, Bulgaria);
since 2007 - opening of production in Ukraine, which covers the demand for products of Ukraine, Russia, Western Europe, Israel;
from 2016 - start of deliveries to Kazakhstan and Belarus.
Scientific partners
National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P.L.Shupyk
National Medical University named after A.A. Bogomolets
National institute of phthisiology and pulmonology named after F.G. Yanovsky
Donetsk State Medical University named after A.M. Gorky
Kyiv Children's Gastroenterology Center
Kyiv National University named after T.G. Shevchenko
Institute of Biochemistry named after A.V. Palladin of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
National institute of surgery and transplantology named after А.А. Shalimov
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of NAS of Ukraine
The Ukrainian Scientific Research Antiplague Institute named after I.I. Machnikov.