Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements

Dietary supplements are a combination of biologically active substances, most often of natural origin, or identical with natural ones. They are designed to meet the body's need for certain substances, enrich the daily diet.

Components can have different origins:

Dietary supplements are widely used in a variety of situations, depending on active ingredient or a combination thereof. They are not medicines and act more gently, but they are quite effective. Supplements are used for treatment (mainly as part of complex therapy) and prevention, contribute to strengthening the defenses of the body, improve memory, concentration, and endurance.

There are three types of dietary supplements:

In terms of their position, dietary supplements are found between foods and medicines. They have natural composition, carefully affect the body and have not so many contraindications and side effects as many medications. At the same time, the composition of active ingredients of the supplements is calculated on the basis of the needs of the organism, is strictly regulated and prescribed in the instructions.